Hotel Management

Hotel management is an area of the hospitality industry that involves overseeing the operations of a hotel location. When working as a hotel manager, you may manage the operations of a motel, resort or another similar establishment that provides lodging and other services for guests.

The title, “hotel manager” often refers to a hotel’s general manager, who serves as the head executive at a specific property. The duties assigned to the manager depend on the size of the hotel, as well as its purpose and the expectations of its owners. A general manager at a hotel receives support from department heads, which oversee their own employees and report on the key functions.

Some of the most common departments at a major hotel include the front office or front desk, reservations, housekeeping, revenue, sales and marketing, events and catering, finance, food and beverage, security, human resources and engineering. A career in hotel management may involve working in any of these areas within the industry. In a smaller hotel, the departments may include housekeeping, guest services, engineering, food and beverage, accounts and sales and marketing.

Working in hotel management often requires you to gain experience in a hotel, whether you are working at the front desk or in housekeeping. Many hotel management professionals work their way up through the industry because the relevant experience is often highly valued in hospitality.

Available Courses, Duration and Eligibility

Sr. No.Course NameDurationEligibility
1Certificate in Hotel Management1 year10+2
2Diploma in Hotel Management (DHM)1 year ( 2semester)10+2  
3Advance Diploma in Hotel Management (Adv. DHM)2 years ( 4 semester )10+2
4Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.) Degree  in Hotel Management3 years ( 6 semester)10+2

Career & Job Opportunities

Hospitality management is the ideal career choice for those who enjoy traveling, working among diverse demographics of people, and adding in a splash of day-to-day excitement.

Hospitality careers can offer great flexibility to work anywhere in the world.

Many hospitality management skills are transferable, so you can switch between industries and take on new opportunities.